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Tuesday, November 10th 2009

11:11 PM

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Don't forget to fly your flags today!



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Wednesday, May 28th 2008

10:42 PM

Sorry, but this is the wrong blog link.  Please go to:

www.moni5.bravejournal.com    Thank you, moni


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Friday, May 23rd 2008

11:06 PM

I'm back here, again, lol

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I couldn't find my domain name and after looking on the web for days, I realized that it was tied to one of my Bravenet Blogs.  Well, that is ok.  I have it back and that is all that matters.  This just gives me another place to write and show pictures of my area.

Also, I can find my Bravenet friends easily here so it will be easier to keep in touch.



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